3. Time for what?

And there it is, time! The sabbatical has started and time previously spend at work is now at my discretion. What were the most important things to focus on?

As a working mother with a busy job I was always focussed to spend my time as efficient as possible. This seemed to be the only way to have some time left over for quality time with the children. And space to do things that I liked. Vice versa it meant that if things did not go as planned, my time was going to be the first to give. Very annoying! I realize now that this was probably one of the biggest sources of my grumpyness and negativity. I complained about stupid little things. Items that I couldn‘t find, because that were not at their place. Having to do an extra load of laundry, because the kids hadn‘t put it in the basket by friday night. Or a computer that was not doing what I wanted. The kids indicated that it felt like I was angry with them, where in all reality I felt helpless as I couldn‘t get the tings done that needed to be done as swiftly as I had hoped.

Due to the treadmill of every day responsibilities I has started to loose focus on activities I liked to do that would give me energy. In stead I spend free time „relaxing“, just sitting on the couch, taking a nap or watching TV. You may say, there is nothing wrong with that, and I do agree to a certain extend. I had stopped doing sports on a regular basis and was thinking, I am really to tired to go for a run or do some exercises. Due to various circumstances I had lost the connection with some of my trusted persons and I did not go out to reconnect or make new friends. I did not spend time on playing music, which had been one of the biggest hobbies before I had children.

It was clear what my first priorities were going to be. Getting healthy and fit, spend time with the children, be not grumpy, spend time on my hobbies, reconnect and meet new people. This was going to be the focus to start with. How much time would I need for that? That was a very old lifestyle type of question. As long as it takes I think. If this was the most important to rebuild my foundation then, I‘d better get really good at it and not move to the next step until that was going to be the case. I was going to enjoy this journey and be very aware every step of the way. I was curious to find out what I was going to experience and find on my way.

This was post number 3. If you enjoyed reading it, please come back or have a look at my previous posts. I am curious to hear from you, so please leave your comments.

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