5. Getting healthy and fit

What does that really mean? I am not the person to go run a marathon and I was never going to get that photo model body.  But really considering it I had a few habits that were not really helping me get healthy and fit. At the same time healthy and fit meant more to me than the physical. I wanted to feel good about it and cherish that body that was given to me. No, that is really under defining it. I wanted to feel strong and being able to move mountains if needed. To have the physical and mental stamina and energy that would help me mount any challenges that would come my way.

In order to gain strength the first steps was to break with dependencies. This had helped for me in the past to feel stronger. This meant quitting my coffee habit and stop the wine and late night snacks. The question was of course why after a while I always fell back into these habits. The coffee always helped me on weekdays to get to fifth gear and keep going all day. But what also helps to get the body in motion in the morning is doing some exercises. This was a much better habit. For some reason over the last year I had lost this practice completely. The first week of my sabbatical was able to quit the coffee, but I couldn’t get myself moving on the morning exercise. What really helped was the retreat. With a regular program of meditation and yoga every morning I got back into the groove. After I came back I was doing the suggested exercise, but was getting bored with it. What did make it easier for me is to follow a program. I am now on day 10 of the 31 day yoga Revolution. I can really recommend it! And the coffee habit the rest of the day? Actually once of the coffee for a week, you do not have the ups and downs any more and you don’t need it as much. And there are many great teas if you want something warm to drink. I occasionally drink a decaf if I really want to taste the coffee.

The other habit I immediately quit in the first week was the wine and late night snack. The trouble with the combination is really, that once you start to snack something with your wine, you want more wine, which also increases your appetite. Worse so, I realise now, that this happens while binching on some series on Netflix. And therefor going to sleep way late. Oh no, another habit, but lucky me, I quit that too except for max one day a week. And what a waste of time!! The real question is why was I doing this. Two reasons I think, to get the sense of relaxing before going to bed, I deserved this after a days hard work. And secondly, to fill a void. If I kept myself “occupied” in this relaxing way, I could zone out the loneliness. In stead now I do some stretching exercises and put on a guided meditation. This often times eases me into sleep, and it doesn’t get so late.

To get some more stamina I also started to run again. I am aiming for that 10k run event, which I have been doing for the last four years, but am taking it slow. In stead of telling myself during my run, come-on you can do it, just push a little further, I am now trying to focus on the flow, feel the movement, and tell myself to find that ease. It is really much more enjoyable that way. In my mental frame of mind it is still a bit tricky not to have the set dates and objectives for each practice with the goal in mind. But there is plenty of time to get there and then again isn’t it all about the here and now. Enjoy what you are doing now, and the ease and stamina will come with practice.

And then there is the healthy food off course. Subject for another day.

This was post number 5. If you enjoyed reading it, please come back or have a look at my previous posts. I am curious to hear from you, so please leave your comments.

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