10. Spend time on my hobbies

A hobby is an activity, interest, enthusiasm, or pastime that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, done during one’s own time.

According to this definition you would assume that work cannot be your hobby. But how can work not be your own time? What if we said that doing things for pleasure and relaxation is a hobby. Why would work by definition not be pleasure and not be relaxing? Because you get paid for it?

Anyway I had stopped working in terms of the steady job I had. There are things that I spend time on that I would certainly not call a hobby, like cleaning the house. But would I call meeting friends or doing meditation a hobby. Probably not. Though these are things that I do enjoy. It always seems that a hobby needs to be something substantial a bit more special. So what really is the difference between enjoying something and something being a hobby.

What I am looking for are those activities that would get me in some kind of flow, that would require my full attention and feel good during and afterward. I realised that I like to create things, find solutions, grow and have a good conversation. I also like to feel calm and in control, and have my regular piece of quiet. Realising this it seems that not one hobby is going to cover this and then again having clear what I like also helps to know what I do not like.

There is plenty of time to make up my mind, but I still had no clear idea what I want to do after my sabbatical. But I do not seem to be able to completely park it either. What I do know is that I want to get as close as possible to what I do like. Even though you may not want to call it a hobby. For now it would be good to spend my time on hobbies that a really liked and not because I should like it.

As a staring point I looked at what I had enjoyed in the past. During my school years I would spend many hours and practicing music and doing arts and crafts, create with paper to be exact. I used to write many letters to penpalls and read a lot of books. During my grown years I started doing different kind of sports and worked with foto’s and video. I also started practicing relaxation during my second pregnancy. I have started to try these out again and I notice ghat if it is something I feel like doing almost every single day, it probably is one to stay. Or at least for now.

Yoga and meditation in the morning have become some a fixed element of the day and gives me a good start. I feel refreshed and strong fully charged to handle what comes on my path that day. The morning practice before going to work did serve me well in the past. It really doesn’t matter to much what it is, strength exercises, a run or yoga/pilates. As long as I get my body moving before breakfast.

Learning something new like playing the piano, takes a lot of practice, but it is so enjoyable to work on something with so much focus and see (hear) the progress. I have been doing that almost daily as well. It means that my other music is in the background now, it just seems there is no room for it now, but it doesn’t run away. No pressure. I’d like to play more music with the kids, but we do not seem to be able to chime our music wishes and hours of practice. Well, maybe something for later or as we have done in the past, for a special occassion.

My photobook project is still in the early stages. I guess it just doesn’t appeal to me right now and feels more like a chore.

And the there is arts and crafts. I did work on a few pieces. And I notice I get annoyed quickly if it doesn’t work out right away. But also this get’s better with practice and I enjoy the focus needed for a more complicated origami piece. I feel it is a good activity to practice my patience and self compasion. What really is the deal when it doesn’t work out the first time, nor the second time, just try again and keep perfecting it. It may help me figure out why I have such a hard time accepting when I make mistakes or do not get it right the first time. Why do I set my standards so high? And worse even I do this to others as well.

Next time will be about blog writing. No matter if you could call that a hobby or not. Certainly writing could be, so why not blogging?

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