Sabbatical experience


Do small little things get to you and so you want to be a more relaxed person?

Sabbatical with teenagers, the enjoyments and hurdles together.

Replacing those unhealthy habits with healthier ones. It takes awareness and determination, but after a while you get used to it.

And there it is, time! The sabbatical has started and time previously spend at work is now at my discretion. What were the most important things to focus on? As a working mother with a busy job I was always focussed to spend my time as efficient as possible. This seemed to be the only way to have some time left over for quality time with the children. And space to do… Read More

There are two questions that I was asked the most when I announced I was going to take time off. Why did I want to take a sabbatical ? What was I going to do in that time? Several people expressed they thought  I was really brave. It felt more like giving up for me. Many said they were going to miss me and wished me all the best. To be honest… Read More