My personal goals

I am taking a sabbatical to find my core, to get centred on what is important to me and what I love to do. What I am going to do is to create the space to grow that understanding. Ultimately I want to find the strength to let my heart tell me where I am heading. To have my heart as my compass, my guiding star showing which direction to take. You can read more in blog 1: Why decide for a sabbatical  and blog 2: Is it difficult to decide?

In blog 3: Time for what? I wrote for the first time about my priorities. You could say this is the beginning of defining my goals more clearly. As my sabbatical progresses I will write about these priorities in my blog posts, so please come back to find out more.

  1. getting healthy and fit
    • blog 4: Time is an illusion about living in the present and being more aware
    • blog 5: Getting healthy and fit about exchanging habits for healthier ones
  2. spend time with the children
  3. be not grumpy
  4. spend time on my hobbies
  5. reconnect and meet new people


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